Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Farm to Plate Update

The staff of the Farm to Plate Initiative is busy finalizing the first draft of the Farm to Plate 10 year strategic plan.

"We're working to complete in-depth research which explores past trends, present conditions and potential future of Vermont's production, distribution, storage and processing capacity, food security, livestock production and meat processing, on-farm energy, and other major aspects of our food system. We're also working with Dan Erickson of Advanced Geospatial Systems, LLC to produce dozens of maps to enable us to assess and analyze Vermont's food system from a geographic perspective. Maps will be integrated with the text throughout the plan. And we're slowly but surely collecting dozens of vignettes, quotes and photos to illustrate existing conditions, trends, and innovative solutions -- telling the stories throughout the Plan."

Here's their current timeline:

June -August 14, 2010: Finalize 1st draft of the strategic plan; collect input on cost of implementation of strategies; complete economic impact analysis
August 15 -September 30, 2010: Public Comment Period
October 1 -December 31, 2010: Finalize the plan
January 2011: Release the plan and present to the legislature
January -December 2011: Take the plan on the road and begin implementation

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