Monday, August 20, 2012

Vermont Farm Fund - A note from us to you

It's been a humbling experience to work within and for the agricultural community in Vermont. Every day, small farms across this nation face enormous pressures to survive, let alone thrive and prosper. In Vermont, we are fortunate to have a great network of organizations that look to support the needs of small and beginning farmers - UVM Extension and its many partners, the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, NOFA-VTVermont Farm Viability and many more.

The Vermont Farm Fund gives Vermont farmers a chance to bridge the financial gap between a fledgling farm and a maturing farm by quickly and effieciently providing a low or zero interest loan from our revolving loan account. With every payment made, our farmers become a part of something bigger than themselves - they feed a fund that allows the next farmer a chance to meet or grow their needs too. 

As someone who gives to the Vermont Farm Fund, you also become a part of this community of agriculture, supporting small Vermont farms directly and knowing your donation will benefit many for years to come.

Thank you,

Elena Gustavson

Program Director for the Center for an Agricultural Economy

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