Monday, November 9, 2009

Hardwick Farm Hit Hard by Fire Over the Weekend

We just learned that the McAllister family has been hit very hard by fire this weekend.

Friday night, Russell and Cherly McAllister on Route 15 West lost their entire dairy herd of 106 Holsteins and Jersey. The blaze was battled by fire crews from Hardwick, Craftsbury, Elmore, Greensboro, Walden, Wolcott and Woodbury. Although the crews were able to keep the fire spreading to the farmhouse, the barn was destroyed and it was too late to save the animals.

Raoul McAllister, brother to Russell, owns a house on Lower Cherry Street that caught fire Sunday morning. There is concern that the house is a total loss in spite of the crews best efforts to save it.

Today's Caledonian-Record has the front page story. Our hearts and thoughts are with the McAllister family.

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